Goodbye October. Hello November. 

September (and many months before that!) was focused around the wedding, but it’s all over now. (Waah). Thankfully the memories last a lifetime, otherwise I think I would still be on the dance floor refusing to leave!

With 3 epic things occurring in September – wedding, mini-moon to Venice and welcoming the CUTEST Nephew to the world – I was dubious how October was going to follow it. But being the Positive Polly I am (most of the time), I reminded myself it’s not always about the big things – it’s the small, day to day things that matter too. So I took a look back over October and noticed it was filled with some small life lessons, self-realisations and exciting planning sessions…

Lesson 1: Don’t fill up a car with petrol with nothing but an expired bank card to pay for it. What a joyous moment that was.

Lesson 2: Don’t order the Quinoa salad from Nando’s unless you want a less than satisfied belly and bank balance – Chicken pitta all the way.

Self-realisation 1: I love swimming. I swam a lot when I was younger but stopped when a 9-5 routine hit me, but I am on a mission to swim regularly again. Cue sore eyes and frizzier hair (yep, it can get frizzier). I’m currently in the midst of a self-debate: Try every hair taming product or buy a swimming hat (hmmm)! Much needed hair product recommendations please?!

Self-realisation 2: I am an emotional wreck. I have never been as tough as nails but the wedding seemed to turn on an ‘extra emotional’ switch and it will NOT go off. Watching ‘Inside the Ambulance’ = tears. Watching our wedding video 20 times = tears 20 times. Watching the Strictly Come Dancing contestants reactions when they received a good score = tears. Like, seriously!!? But I don’t even hold back the tears any more – I’d rather have tears running down my cheeks than hold them back and look like a constipated pug. The wedding video features the pug – a lot.

Planning Outcome: We booked our honeymoon trip to Southeast Asia. SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED! We have booked an organised tour around Southeast Asia and then we finish with a week in the Philippines!! Eeeeek, cannot wait! After booking the trip, a friend (thanks Carly) recommended the book “First They Killed My Father” – I have a feeling it’s going to be a tear jerker. Where are those tissues? Oh, I’ve used them all. Shock.

So, with all that said I feel October was good to me. At first I wasn’t sure how it would compete with September but I’m glad I realised it’s the little moments that teach you, refocus you or simply make you smile. [Told you I was having a Positive Polly moment]

To keep my positivity levels high and to discover other things I should look out for as small things to be grateful for, I would love to know what your highlights, self-realisations, life lessons or small wins were this month?

I wonder what November will bring – I’m thinking hot chocolates, fireworks and shopping for the honeymoon..!

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, be a social local 😉



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